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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Warhammer 40,000 Chainsword Build

Sometimes in the midst of a really big project, it’s hard to stay motivated. In the fine-tuning stage, weeks can pass without really giving me something to brag about. When this happens, it’s time to FOCUS on a smaller tangent project.

This is the “chainsword,” the melee weapon of choice from the Warhammer 40,000 universe. If a lightsaber was “an elegant weapon, from a more civilized time,” the chainsword is the other thing. Big, ugly, and brutal, it exemplifies everything I’ve always liked about Warhammer 40K.

In a game where the Imperium of Man makes the “evil empire” of Star Wars look like something that belongs in Disneyland, the chainsword is a perfect fit. There’s no notion of a kinder, gentler anything. It’s simply made for carnage.

pictures and a thorough description of how it was made after the jump.

Starting with a drawing photocopied from the Dark Angels Codex, my friend Matt and I took some measurements and cut out forms in MDF:

The parts were formed in.040″ ABS plastic. The first pull came through alright, but there was some webbing between the pieces:

After rough-cutting the parts out of the formed sheets, I stacked them together to make sure they were adequately huge:

Here they are laid up inside the blade:

Since I was going to need lots of them, I went ahead and made up a gang mold. Here they are all boxed up before I poured the rubber in:

The perspective in that shot makes this thing look enormous. It is enormous, but not quite that enormous. Here’s a better shot for scale:

The ridge along the spine is actually a piece of 1-1/2″ ABS drain pipe cut in half lengthwise. Since I was using ABS sheet for the vacformed parts, I was able to use solvent cement to effectively weld the pieces together.

The resin cast details at the hilt had to be glued in with a cyanoacrylate adhesive:

As long as I was building a giant chainsaw sword, I figured I might as well incorporate some actual chainsaw parts. Specifically, I molded copies of the oil and fuel caps from an old dead chainsaw that my father had laying around:

The last thing the hilt needed was some faux machinery for the inside and another vacformed piece to tie together the grill vents:

Since I had the molds and a series of lessons learned along the way, I couldn’t resist the urge to build a couple more. Here they are after I’d painted them in their base colors:

The imperial eagle was cast from the molds I made back when I built the bolt gun.

Each one weighs in under six pounds, but they still look pretty damned heavy:

Here’s a picture from earlier in the painting process showing some of the hilt details:

And a closeup showing the metallic finish on the teeth:

Warhammer 40k: Heavy Eviscerator is Brutal! Chainsaw Sword Gameplay 2023

With the pair of them completely built and painted, everybody had to mess around with them. Here’s a shot of Matt hamming it up:

All told, it was nine days between “Hey, I think we should build this” and “Wow, that was fun,” and most of those days were spent working on other things. The important thing is that I got a chance to get something finished and feel good about my level of productivity.

Now it’s time to get back to the main part of this project:

Adeptus Astartes, Blood Angels, Bloodquest, Cadian, Catachan, the Chaos devices, Cityfight, the Chaos logo, Citadel, Citadel Device, Codex, Daemonhunters, Dark Angels, Dark Eldar, ‘Eavy Metal, Eldar, Eldar symbol devices, Eye of Terror, Fire Warrior, Forge World, Games Workshop, Games Workshop logo, Genestealer, Golden Demon, Gorkamorka, Great Unclean One, Inquisitor, the Inquisitor logo, the Inquisitor device, Inquisitor:Conspiracies, Keeper of Secrets, Khorne, Kroot, Lord of Change, Necron, Nurgle, Ork, Ork skull devices, Sisters of Battle, Slaanesh, Space Hulk, Space Marine, Space Marine chapters, Space Marine chapter logos, Tau, the Tau caste designations, Tyranid, Tyrannid, Tzeentch, Ultramarines, Warhammer, Warhammer 40k Device, White Dwarf, the White Dwarf logo, and all associated marks, names, races, race insignia, characters, vehicles, locations, units, illustrations and images from the Warhammer 40,000 universe are either TM and/or © Copyright Games Workshop Ltd 2000-2012, variably registered in the UK and other countries around the world. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

Chainswords are Bull1t.

Coolest Weapons In Warhammer 40,000

There are weapons, and then there are cool weapons. These are the best you’ll find in Warhammer 40k.

In the universe of Warhammer 40k, there is only war left. With such a grim tagline you can only imagine that the battles are fierce and the weapons fiercer. Well, you’d be right.

Warhammer 40k doesn’t skimp on the deadly — and honestly pretty cool — weapons. Whether it be swords with chainsaw blades or guns that harness the killing potential of fatal diseases, there is a weapon you’re sure to both cringe at and applaud in equal parts. Let’s look at some of the coolest weapons in the 40k universe.

Crozius Arcanum

Both a symbol of office and a deadly weapon, the crozius is often used by the chaplains of a Space Marine chapter. These religious leaders wield the crozius with amazing ability.

Not only are these staffs mostly solid adamantium, but they also hold deadly power fields that can crush bone and rend metal easily. Those chaplains with psychic abilities can often channel such abilities into their crozius to even deadlier effects.

Necron Gauss Weapon

The exact science behind the function of these weapons isn’t exactly known, but the effect they have on their victims is horrific. Anyone hit by a Necron’s weapon is instantly ripped apart at the cellular level.

Even glancing wounds can reduce someone to atoms, making any hit do a surreal amount of damage to their target. If you didn’t think the skeletal automatons of the Necron army were scary enough, then their weapons will change your mind completely.

Power Fist

This one is pretty much a metal glove with a power field around it. The powerful servos and deadly field combined let the wielder experience incredible strength, ripping apart armor easily.

There are even stories of Space Marine power fist wielders ripping open main battle tanks like tin cans. Making a Space Marine even stronger is always a horrific notion.

Noise Cannon

Turning music into a deadly weapon is quite the feat. Noise Marines of Slaanesh, the Chaos God of Excess, have combined technology and biology to a level of destructive proportions.

Noise cannons are rifle-like weapons that are in actuality a series of speaker systems and amplifiers. Either by using the Space Marine’s own voice or by making noise with the weapon itself, the noise is then magnified to deafen or even cause damage to its target. It’s a psychologically and physically deadly weapon.

Lightning Claws

The sharper cousin of the power fist, lightning Claws ask: what if you were the Wolverine of the future?

Lightning claws are gauntlet-type weapons worn by Space Marines that give the wearer a trio of power field sheathed claws that spring out above the wrist. With these, they can cut through even the toughest creatures or armor. Chaos Space Marines also often make use of power claws. Their variants are often power fists with gruesome talons extending from each finger.

Blight Grenade

This weapon is the head of a corpse, filled with a noxious brew of poison and diseases, then sewn shut and thrown at the nearest enemy. Blight Grenades are a horrific explosive used by the Chaos Legions of the Plague God Nurgle.

warhammer, chainsaw, sword

The victims of such a weapon can have all sorts of horrific maladies infect their bodies, but the results are always deadly. Little more can be expected from the followers of Nurgle and their horrific weapons.

Harlequins Kiss

A spiked attachment to a gauntlet with a deadly secret. Once this weapon pierces a target, a spool of incredibly tough monofilament wire is released into the wound. Inside, it lashes out and practically turns the target’s organs to liquid — all before retracting neatly through the original wound.

It’s an incredibly deadly choice against the heavily armored Space Marines, especially with how lithe the Harlequins are that wield this weapon. It’s a gruesome yet elegant weapon, much like the Eldar that produced it.


A gun that shoots rocket-propelled, explosive bullets — that’s about as Warhammer as it gets. The standard weapon for Space Marines, the Bolter weapon platform is brutal and brutish in equal amounts.

Adamantium tipped, rocket propelled, and usually carrying an explosive mass-reactive payload, bolter shells are as deadly as human weaponry gets. Anything hit by a bolter or one of its variants is sure to be blown apart.


This one is a gun, but just barely. Shootahs are the commonplace Ork weapon. However, there is no one design. In actuality, they are little more than boxes of scrap metal and gunpowder roughly hewn into the shape of a gun.

Due to the Ork’s latent psychic abilities though, they work more often than not, just because the Orks believe them to. Large caliber and incredibly loud, thankfully they are woefully inaccurate.


A chainsaw and a sword all in one, what’s not to love? Wielded by both humans, space marines, and their chaos counterparts, the chainsword is a gruesome weapon for sure.

Powered by an internal engine or power pack, the chainsword’s sharp adamantine teeth can reach unbelievable speeds, allowing it to chew through flesh and armor with relative ease. Especially if it’s wielded by someone who has trained for years to master it. This is one of the most identifiable weapons of the 41st millennium.

Learn all about your chainsaw’s special action in Warhammer 40K Darktide

A chainsaw rev in Warhammer 40K Darktide is something that could slash a target in half but only if you know how to execute it. While each weapon unlocks comes with a special action that performs unique moves, mastering when and where to use a chainsaw rev will get you out of difficult spots in the game.

  • Chainsaw weapons allow you to deal massive damage to enemies with their chainsaw blades.
  • There are 3 chainsaw-type weapons in Warhammer 40k Darktide
  • You can rev a chainsaw by executing its special action

How To Chainsaw Rev

Each weapon in Warhammer 40K Darktide has a special action with unique utilities and effects. For the chainsaw, the special action called “Activate” activates the weapon’s chainsaw blade. All you have to do is press your weapon’s “Special Action” button to rev your chainsaw.

This can be done by pressing the Mouse Button 5 on your mouse. If your mouse does not have it, go to the pause menu and click on options. Then you have to click on the keybindings option and find the weapon’s special actions. Then, click on it and replace it with whatever button you are comfortable with. This is how to rev a chainsaw.

An activated chainsaw blade does considerably more damage than a normal attack by lodging it into the enemy’s flesh. Make sure you do not stay idle once you have activated it because the effect only lasts for a few seconds. If the effect runs out, you will have to reactivate it.

What Are Chainsaw Weapons

Chainsaw weapons in Warhammer 40K Darktide have a special chainsaw property to them which allows you to shred your enemies. There are a total of 3 weapons with this capability. These are:

Orestes Mk IV Chainaxe

The “Orestes Mk IV Chainaxe” is a chainsaw property weapon that unlocks for the classes:

  • Bloodletter: inflicts 2-4 bleed stacks from special actions.
  • Headtaker: grants 2-5 Power for 3.5 seconds on hit. Stacks up to 5 times
  • Rev It Up: Increases movement speed on special action activation.
  • Shred: Increases critical chance on consecutive hits. Stacks 5 times.
  • Slaughterer: gain 10-15 percent power for 3.5 seconds per kill. Stacks 5 times.
  • Thrust: Gain up to 5-20 percent power, increasing with your charge time. Stacks 3 times.
  • Thunderous: On hit, the target receives 1-4 stacks of brittleness.

Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword

The “Cadia Mk IV Assault Chainsword” is a chainsaw-type weapon that unlocks for the classes:

  • Psyker at trust level 16
  • Zealot – Preacher at trust level 9
  • and Veteran – Sharpshooter at trust level 10
  • Bloodletter: inflicts 2-4 bleed stacks from special actions.
  • Rev It Up: Increases movement speed on special action activation.
  • Shred: Increases critical hit chance on consecutive hits. stacks 5 times.
  • Skullcrusher: Target receives 1-4 stacks of increased damage by 5 percent on stagger. Lasts for 1-5 seconds.
  • Wrath: 10-20 percent cleave on hitting an enemy. stacks up to 5 times.
  • Rampage: gain 10-20 percent increased damage for 3 seconds on consecutive hits.
  • Bloodthirsty: 100 percent critical chance of killing an enemy with a special action.
  • Devastating Strike: Ignores enemy hit mass if you land a critical hit. Lasts for 2-4 seconds.

Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator

The “Tigrus Mk II Heavy Eviscerator” can only be unlocked for the Zealot – Preacher class at trust level 11. It has the following actions:

  • Bloodletter: inflicts 2-4 bleed stacks from special actions.
  • Rev It Up: Increases movement speed on special action activation.
  • Shred: Increases critical chance on consecutive hits. stacks 5 times.
  • Wrath: 10-20 percent cleave on hitting an enemy. stacks up to 5 times.
  • Rampage: gain 10-20 percent increased damage for 3 seconds on consecutive hits.
  • Momentum: Increases toughness by 10-20 percent for 3 seconds on consecutive hits.
  • Savage Sweep: Grants 100-200 percent cleave for 3 seconds on consecutive hits.
  • Perfect Strike: If you land a critical hit, it ignores the enemy hit mass.


Warhammer 40K Darktide is the latest endeavor by Fatshark released on November 30th,- 2022. It is a spiritual successor to Warhammer Vermintide boasting a variety of new additions such as ranged combat, overhauled loot system, and a variety of exciting new weapons such as chainsaws, staffs, and, guns.

With our guide on Warhammer 40k Darktide chainsaw rev, you can start using this weapon to its fullest potential. Rip and tear your enemies to shreds with this weapon and revel in the chaos and bloodshed, so you can lead your teammates to the finish line victorious as quickly and as safely as possible.

Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 release date, story, trailers, and more

Relic Entertainment has fans on the edge of their seat with the upcoming Space Marine 2 release date, so let us round up what we know so far.

warhammer, chainsaw, sword

Are you looking for the Warhammer 40k Space Marine 2 release date? The game is the highly anticipated sequel to the 2011 third-person shooter hack-n-slasher of the same name. With the excitement around the sequel growing, what do we know about Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2?

Using a combination of trailers, press releases, and developer interviews. We have collated and refined this article to provide you with a concentrated view of everything there is to know about Warhammer 40k: Space Marine2. As we learn more about what will hopefully be one of the best action-adventure games of the year, we will continue to update this article.

Warhammer Space Marine 2 release Date

The Space Marine 2 release date is set to arrive in 2023, but no specific date or month is known just yet. As we come into the second half of the year, we can expect to hear more, and when we do we will update this article.

Space Marine 2 platforms

You will be able to play Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 on PC, Xbox Series X|S and Playstation 5.

Space Marine 2 trailer

So far Focus Entertainment has released two Space Marine 2 trailers, the first being presented at The Game Awards 2021. It shows almost no gameplay but still gives watchers a good indication of what to expect.

The second trailer, presented at The Game Awards 2022, gives fans their first true look at what Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 has to offer. It is important to note that ‘Alpha Footage – Subject to Change’ is watermarked at the bottom, meaning that what we see might not end up in the final game.

Space Marine 2 gameplay

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 is expected to play similarly to its predecessor, meaning gameplay will be a strong mixture of third-person shooter and hack-n-slasher. Players will take on the role of Lieutenant Titus of the Ultramarines 2nd Chapter, a genetically augmented transhuman soldier who fights for the Imperium of Man against its enemies, whether it be the mutant, the heretic, and in this case, the alien.

We can expect to see Tyranids as the main enemy, an extragalactic race of insectoid aliens. In many ways similar to the Orks players faced in the original Warhammer 40k: Space Marine game, Tyranid battle tactics are based on superior numbers in close combat, and from the trailer it looks like we can expect to see that translated into gameplay.

In order to overcome the enemy, you will use an arsenal fit only for a Space Marine. At range you will use weapons like the Boltgun, a weapon that fires self-propelled.75 caliber bolts that explode on impact with their target. Other weapons seen in the trailer include the Meltagun and Bolt Pistol.

When enemies get too close it’s time to switch to close combat, and Space Marine 2 has you covered with its selection of melee weapons like the Thunder Hammer, Power Sword and the iconic Chain Sword; a sword with a chainsaw-like blade on the edge.

Space Marine 2 story

There’s no official lore out just yet, but from the trailers, we can assume that Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 takes place sometime after the first Warhammer 40k: Space Marine game.

We know that Lieutenant Titus, formerly Captain, has been demoted following the events of the first game, where he was taken into custody by Inquisitor Thrax under suspicion of being a heretic and conspiring with the forces of Chaos. We also know that Titus is now sporting a new suit of Mark X Power Armour, worn primarily by Primaris Space Marine.

If you can’t wait to play Warhammer 40k: Space Marine 2 why not check out our list of all the best Warhammer 40k games on PC if you’re looking to brush up on your history.

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