WORX 20″ 3-in-1 cordless lawnmower review. Worx electric lawn mower

WORX 20″ 3-in-1 cordless lawnmower review

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

REVIEW – The last couple of springs I’ve been researching cordless electric lawnmowers because my trusty gas-powered model seemed to be on its last legs. Well, this spring it finally died. As luck would have it, I received a review offer for the WORX 20″ cordless lawnmower. Needless to say, I was very excited to see if an electric mower could perform as well as a gas-powered one.

What is it?

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The WORX 20” 3-in-1 cordless electric lawn mower is a lawnmower that’s powered by 2-20V batteries instead of gas.

What’s in the box?

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

  • Lawnmower
  • Grass bag
  • Mulching plug
  • Side discharge attachment
  • (2) 5.0 Ah 20V Power Share Batteries
  • HR dual charger

Design and features

The mower came pretty much pre-assembled in the box. The only thing I had to do was extend and tighten the handle and charge the batteries.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

At first glance, the WORX 3-in-1 looks like a typical lawnmower minus the gas tank and oil dipstick. The battery compartment is located where you’d normally find the gas tank.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The mower is powered by 2-20V 5.0Ah Lithium-ion batteries giving the mower 40V of cutting power.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

There’s a battery life indicator located just behind the battery compartment that allows you to check the battery life with the push of a button.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

Charging the batteries is done by sliding them into the included dual charger. While charging, the indicator lights flash green. When the batteries are fully charged, the lights will remain solid. Fully charging the batteries takes about 2.5 hours.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The mowers batteries are also part of WORX Power Share. This means you can share the 20V batteries with other WORX garden and lawn tools.

The mowers outer housing and wheels are made of lightweight, durable plastic. The 20″ cutting deck is made of steel and gives the mower a cutting width of 19″. Steel is not only more durable, but it’s also more mulching friendly as grass slides off steel better than plastic or aluminum.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The handle is fully collapsible for compact and easy storage.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

When folded you can stand the mower up on end so it can easily be placed up against a wall. I love this because it makes it easier to store in my shed where space is at a premium.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The ergonomic handle is also padded, making it more comfortable to maneuver while cutting.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

One of my favorite features is the single lever height adjustment. It allows you to quickly adjust the cutting height from 11/4” to 4” using a single lever. Much easier than my gas powered mower which required each wheel to be adjusted individually. I can’t begin to tell you what a pain that was.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The mower offers 3 different cutting methods. You can mulch, bag, or side discharge. Mulching is done by installing the included mulching plug at the back of the mower. If you choose to bag your clippings as I do, you can use the included 1-bushel bag which easily installs at the back of the mower. Lastly, you can use side discharge by installing the side discharge attachment.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

Performance and use

Using the mower couldn’t be easier, just drop the batteries into the battery compartment, and you’re ready to mow. To start it, insert the plastic safety key and hold down the start button while engaging the operating bail handle. For safety, the motor stops as soon as you let go of the operating bail handle.

This mower is amazingly quiet and lightweight compared to my gas-powered model. It sounds like you’re cutting the grass with a fan. You can actually have a normal conversation with someone without having to yell over a loud engine. And its light enough that my 74-year-old mother said that even she could cut the grass using it.

Performance wise it simply blew me away. It cut my lawn every bit as good as my old gas-powered mower. It powered through tall grass and damp grass without issue. And pushing it around was like a walk in the park. Below is a video showing how easy the mower is to start and use.

I used the bagging function, and the bag was easy to take off and empty. It’s a smaller size (1 bushel) then I’m used to so I did have to empty it more often, but that wasn’t a big deal.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

My lawn grows uneven, and some areas have taller grass, being able to adjust the cutting height with a single lever was easy and time-saving.

I was also remarkably impressed by the battery life. I was able to cut my front, side, and back lawn (approx. 6,000 square feet) and still had more than half of a charge left.

No gas, no oil, no maintenance… no brainer

Maybe the best thing about this mower is that it’s pretty much maintenance free. Especially compared to a gas-powered mower. No more buying gas, changing oil or replacing air filters. About the only thing you have to do is keep it clean and maintain the blade. Over time this mower will pay for itself with the money you save on gas and other maintenance.

Final thoughts

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The WORX 20” cordless lawnmower is the perfect choice for small to medium size yards, and it doesn’t cost much more than a high quality gas-powered mower. I like products that make everyday tasks we dread doing easier and in the case of the WORX cordless mower, a tad bit more enjoyable. Personally, I love using this lawnmower, and I’ll never go back to gas again.

Update 7/5/20

This is my second season using the WORX 20″ cordless lawnmower, and my opinion of it hasn’t changed. The mower is great! And starting a new season without having to change oil, filters, or fill it with gas was awesome. Just pop in the batteries and start mowing. I’ve also not seen any reduction in the battery’s power or consumption over last year. If you want to make the switch from gas to electric, look no further than the WORX 20″ cordless lawnmower.

Price: 349.99 currently marked down to 319.99 on the WORX site. Where to buy: WORX and Home Depot Source: The sample for this review was provided by WORX.

Worx 40V Nitro Power Share Pro Lawn Mower

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

Worx has released another tool to the Nitro line of OPE. The Worx WG753 Nitro 40V Lawn Mower runs on two of the 20V Power Share Pro batteries to deliver gas-like power and performance. In addition to the ramped-up voltage, the Worx WG753 features a brushless motor, a 21-inch steel cutting deck, rear-wheel self-propelled drive, and the Intellicut system.

Key Features

The Worx Nitro Mower represents a big step up for the brand’s line of OPE. The build and feature set seem to be a testament to that, and the result is a mower that has upgraded power and performance, which translates to a better cutting experience.

Two 20V 5.0Ah Power Share Pro batteries combine to provide the brushless motor with 40V of power. When fully charged, Worx claims that the Nitro 40V Mower can tackle up to 1/4 acre. It features a rear-wheel-drive transmission that offers improved traction and maneuverability. Variable speed control lets you operate the mower at your own pace.

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The Worx Nitro 40V Power Share Pro Mower also features the Intellicut system. This is Worx’s exclusive torque-on-demand system that electronically monitors the mower’s load. Sensors adjust the mower to produce more torque when you encounter thicker grass. When you don’t need the excess power anymore, the Intellicut system automatically reduces torque output to maximize your runtime.

Worx has opted to include a 21″ steel cutting deck, as opposed to the composite decks we sometimes see on battery-powered mower. This steel construction provides the mower with better durability, but Worx also claims that it improves the cut quality and mulching and bagging capabilities. The mower’s Nutricut design also improves the cut quality, not to mention the overall health of your lawn when mulching. It cuts the clippings into finer bits that your lawn can break down easily for nutrients.

You also have the option of bagging or side-discharging clippings. Any of these modes can be selected with the quick-change mode lever. Simply slide the lever over to either “Bag” or “Mulch/Side Discharge” settings. You won’t have to keep up with a mulch plug, which is a bonus.

Other Features

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

  • Single-lever cut height adjustment
  • Seven cut height positions from 1″ to 4″
  • 8″ front wheels, 10″ rear wheels
  • Adjustable foam-padded handle
  • Handle collapses for vertical storage
  • LED headlights

Worx Power Share PRO Batteries

Worx has designed the system with a brushless motor that’s powered by two of the new 20V Power Share Pro 5.0Ah batteries. These upgraded batteries give you improved power protection and runtime via the intelligent battery management system and cell-cooling technology. This tech has each individual cell wrapped in thermoplastic material that dissipates heat and maximizes the tool’s power and performance.

Though these batteries have been specially designed for use with the Nitro line of tools, they also work with other lawn and garden tools in the Power Share program. The batteries in the Power Share Pro lineup feature charge level indicators. Worx’s dual-port charger brings both batteries back to a full charge in two hours.


You can pick up the Worx Nitro 40V 21″ Self-Propelled Lawn Mower directly from Worx.com or from any number of other retailers, either in-store or online. Kitted together with two 5.0Ah batteries and a charger, the WG753 will run you 399. Worx covers it with a 5-year limited warranty.

Worx WG743 Lithium-Ion Battery Lawn Mower Tool, 20 Volts

worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

The 2-in-1 Bag Mulch 20V Lawn Mower from Worx has all the power and advantages of a traditional mower, without the drawbacks. Battery-powered mowers are quieter, more efficient and cost effective, and cleaner to use for both you and the environment.


  • Battery Capacity : 4 Ah
  • Battery Run Time : 20 min
  • Battery Type : Lithium-Ion
  • Battery Voltage : 20 V
  • Catcher Capacity : 1.1 bu
  • Charge Time : 2 hr
  • Control Type : Switch
  • Cutting Height : 1-1/2 to 4 inch
  • Cutting Height Increments : 1-1/2 to 3-1/2 inch
  • Cutting Lawn Yard Size : 1/8 acre
  • Cutting Width: 16 inch
  • Deck Material : Poly
  • Dimensions : 39-1/2 inch L x 17-7/8 inch W x 55-1/2 inch H
  • Discharge Location : Rear
  • Front Wheel Size : 7-1/2 inch
  • Handle Type : Fully Collapsible
  • Height Adjustment Type : Single Lever
  • Mulching Capability : Yes
  • Number of Functions : 2
  • Number of Height Positions : 7
  • Rear Wheel Size : 8 inch
  • Speed Rating : 2800 spm
  • Intellicut technology allows you to add more torque on demand for denser grass and the ability to dial it back down to conserve energy
  • 7-position, single lever height adjustments
  • Cut-to-edge design for a closer cut alongside fences and other lawn obstacles
  • 2-in-1 bagging or mulching functionality
  • Dual-port charger charges both batteries faster
  • Dual 4 Ah power share batteries team up for 40 V total power and performance and can be used on your other WORX 20 V tools
  • Includes: (2) 20 V Battery Packs (1) Mulch Plug (1) Grass Collection Bag (1) 20 V Dual Battery Charger


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worx, 3-in-1, cordless, lawnmower

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Worx WG779E 40V Cordless Lawn Mower review

If you want an affordable cordless lawn mower that can share a battery with multiple tools, then the Worx WG779E.2 is a great buy. It does a great job, has plenty of power for a good length of time, is pretty quiet and won’t take up too much space in your shed either

  • Edge-to-edge cutting
  • Powerful enough for longer grass
  • Good battery life
  • Great performance for the price
  • Has a roller for lovely lawn stripes

Why you can trust Gardeningetc

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The Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower could not have arrived on my doorstep at a better time. After a period of lots of sun followed by lots of rain, the lawn was growing rapidly and well in need of some maintenance. And I doubt I am the only person who is guilty of putting it off until it starts to get embarrassingly long. Lugging the mower out of the shed and having to mess around with extension cables adds unnecessary minutes to what should be a straightforward job, in my opinion.

However, having not tried a cordless before, I was slightly more keen to give the grass a good mow with this new tech in my hands. After several weeks of use (and several mows) it is time to share how I got on with the Worx WG779E.2 and see if it deserves a place in our list of the best lawn mowers.

To start though, a bit of context. I hate mowing the lawn – even though mine is just 40m 2 – and I have the smallest of spaces for garden tool storage. I also tested this in summer when the grass had been both lush and overgrown to start, then very dry in recent weeks. It should also be noted that I was sent the Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower with 4.0Ah batteries which offers a longer battery life at full power than the 2.0Ah package, but costs slightly more. Read on to find out how it performed.

First impressions?

Key product specs:

Power type: battery (two, 20V 2.0Ah or 4.0Ah Li-ion) Battery length: 30–35 mins for 2.0Ah/ 40–55 mins for 4.0Ah Charge time: 2–4 hours (more for the 4.0Ah) Cutting width: 34cm Cutting height: 2–7cm Size: 72 x 42 x 33.5cm Weight: 11kg Grass collection box: 30L Lawn size: up to 350m2

When you open the box, the main body of the mower is pleasingly compact. It was also fairly light and easy to remove from the box (a sturdy handle on the body of the mower helps) and the black and orange colourway is pleasingly modern. It is made from a combination of durable plastic casing and metal handle with a soft touch padded section for steering.

It came with two 4.0Ah 20V batteries, both of which need to be charged beforehand and they provide a dual charger to do this. If you own other Worx PowerShare tools, you can charge their batteries in the same charger and interchange with different products.

Getting started

The Worx 40V Cordless mower comes partly constructed – you just need to fix the handle which is quick and easy to do and requires no tools. While the picture-only instructions aren’t great, the set up was fairly intuitive so I didn’t need to refer to them much. It took less than 5 minutes to read through the instructions and get the mower ready for use.

Once the batteries are charged, you simply lift the lid on the body of the mower to click them into place. The 4.0Ah batteries can take up to four hours to charge, so it is great that this is part of a PowerShare system where it makes sense to have a few backups fully juiced for other tools and more jobs.

With the batteries in all you need to do is attach the grass box and insert the safety key – a handy feature to prevent kids from taking the mower for a spin. Then press the bar on the handle to operate.

One thing I didn’t realise before is that there is a safety guard in between the blade and the exit for the grass collector. I left this in as the instructions did not mention removing it and found that the grass bag was empty after mowing the lawn. There is space for the grass to pass it, but it didn’t so I have removed it and had no issues with grass collection since. On the use where it didn’t collect the grass, it neatly chopped and dispersed it into the lawn for mulch.

What is the Worx 40V Cordless Lawn Mower like to use?

For each use I get it out, unfold the handle, pop in the batteries, attach the grass box and go. The two-step buttons to safely start the mower are clearly marked ‘1’ and ‘2’ so you have no issues getting the order right.

First cut (long grass)

My first cut was on long, messy grass. There are patches of couch grass in my lawn and a few straggly dandelions so I thought I might have left it a bit long between cuts. You can change the cutting height using the lever on the front of the mower and on my first cut I left it high as I thought it could benefit from a pre-trim. In retrospect it didn’t need it and would have handled the longer patches of grass with ease (and has since).

After the first mow, my lawn certainly looked neat and tidy, but there weren’t the fabled stripes many people look for. This is probably because my lawn is quite uneven so while I was very pleased with the cut, some might have wanted a more uniform look. And no mower can counter the patchiness of a lawn in need of reseeding.

Regular cutting

The lowest cutting grade is two centimetres which is standard for most mowers. I have actually mowed my lawn more often than before thanks to going cordless, so each job is a bit easier than the last. The edge-to-edge cutting is effective, even taking in most of the grass, right up to my fence. The only place I need to go back over it with a strimmer or shears is where the fence posts are as the wheels prevented me from getting any closer.

Turbo and Eco Mode

The Worx 40V cordless can be used in Turbo or Eco Modes. Eco helps the battery last longer, although after four or five uses I still had a third of a battery left, according to the indicator.

Turbo mode adds a little more oomph and is noticeable over thicker grass, but the mower also has Intellicut which helps it regulate the power needed for different conditions. Turbo is slightly louder, but even on full power the mower is surprisingly quiet.

Battery life

The larger batteries can last up to 55 minutes in Eco mode and it is estimated this should make it suitable for lawns up to 350m 2. If you use the 2.0Ah batteries, you will get the same power but the machine won’t run for as long. However, Worx estimate you should get 30–35 minutes from one charge with them and this should cater for lawns of around 280m 2. While it is listed as best suited for small to medium gardens, it would be perfect for larger gardens where socket access is an issue – especially if you have back-up batteries charged to do it in one go.

Although I have not tested the advertised continuous run time of 40–55 minutes in one go, time spent using it roughly addd up to that and it has definitely exceeded the 30-minute run time of many popular cordless mowers.

Ease of use

While all cordless lawn mowers have the benefit of not needing to be plugged in or filled with petrol, I found the Worx 40V cordless mower particularly easy to use. As set up is quick and straightforward, from getting the mower out, to mowing then putting it away takes about 15 minutes for my small lawn.

The power in both Eco and Turbo mode is impressive, taking the chore out of mowing. I did not test it on wet grass, but it coped with a slightly dewy lawn with no problems. It also tackled some meadowy patches of my garden without issue and the grass collector bag is generously sized so only one trip to the compost bin was needed at the end of the mow.

After use the handle can be folded onto the mower, leading to a neat unit that will not take up much room in your shed. This gets a big tick from me as my outbuilding is already crammed and this can even be tucked on a sturdy shelf out of the way.

Additional features

With two cutting modes and six cutting heights, the range of features is fairly limited with this mower – but simple is effective. However, there are a few standout features that are worth a mention.

The grass box flap flutters open while in use, then shuts when the bag is full telling you to empty it. The grass box itself is collapsable, again showing that Worx know people like things that can be stored neatly. The batteries and mower also have a power indicator button so you can check how much charge is left.

The ability to take advantage of Worx’s PowerShare battery system is a big pull, too. Being able to use the same batteries and chargers for all your power tools makes storage and use more streamlined.

The battery charger also runs diagnostics when charging. A green flashing light or green steady light means it is charging or fully charged, but a red light indicates a problem. If it flashes the battery is too hot and needs to cool down – not uncommon after prolonged use on a sunny day – but a red light that remains on tells you the battery is defective. The charger will then attempt to repair the battery and failing that you can contact the manufacturer for help.

How does it rate?

I am giving the Worx WG779E.2 a solid five stars as it does everything you would expect and does it well. It is powerful, but quiet with a healthy battery life. I felt like nothing was lacking from the mower that would offer a better mowing experience (and can put aside my dislike of the instructions).

The consensus among other reviewers is that this is a great mower for the price, comparing well with much more expensive cordless models and not significantly more than corded or petrol mowers either. Gardeners World also granted it a Best Buy badge.

The mower is perfect for all but very large gardens (where it would be comfortably beaten by ride-on lawn mowers) and great for a plot like mine where storage space is very limited. It is also really good for a long narrow garden, allotment or anywhere you would struggle to get mains power.

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